I got an email from someone bidding on My panties auction.  The bid was $40.01.  Apparently, the guy was treating it like a secret auction, thinking someone may have bid $40 and he would bid one cent extra. A couple things that are funny:  1) I already received a high bid for $50 and that’s been on My twitter since yesterday.  2)   The auction doesn’t end til May 7th and I DO publicly state the bids, so why try to outbid someone by one cent this early?

While funny, this did make Me realize something serious.  The way I wrote the ad DOES imply that if someone sends Me a bid 5 minutes before bidding ends on the last day that they win.  Consider this an updated addendum to the rules that I reserve the right to contact the previous high bidder for final day bids.  In fact, someone trying to do something twisted like outbid someone by one cent the last minute would just piss me off and I would give them to the previous bidder.

Remember there is still time for you to  bid on this SPECIAL pair of panties – See post below

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