A collection of some choicely chosen comments (say that 10 times fast lol)  from the website Domme Dose – Most are comments left on my articles, a handful are from other writers on the site.

“I am much lower than your last shit. i would like to suffer for you and die for you if that would make you laugh at me” – piece of shit

“… Your highly evolved mindset is a joy to behold and shines a guiding light for us members of the lesser gifted gender” – paule

“Another brilliant article. We should start calling you Dr. Akara Fang, or maybe just Doctor Fang, but then you sound like a super villain.” – Nick Masterson

“. ..Guns are not toys, and only ignorant trash write columns glorifying guns…you disgust me” – eww

“As always your writings are spot on and hit home so perfectly with me” – Texassub22

“Your clip of Blackmailing Kevin and Making him cry is amazing” – Watson

“Attitude and beauty are two aspects that make a good domme. Miss Akara’s creativity and genuine love for what she does  are two extra ingredients that raise her from good to great.” – scifi loser

“Anything’s possible with Mistress Akara Fang” – Masuka gift bitch

“Nice feetsies” – Irv O. Neil

“You cannot be thanked enough, Mistress Akara, for your highly engaging and enlightening contributions to this site, but, many thanks none the less” – Paule

“I always considered myself to be highly educated, intelligent, and definitely in the upper IQ range. That is until I met Mistress Akara. I have no idea what her educational background is, but She is definitely brilliant.” -Akara’s pathetic loser

“I really enjoyed reading about your thoughts on Blackmail and learned a lot as well!! Thanks for doing some research! – Princess Angelie

“… one can always be sure that your points are well made and well informed. You always impress me with your knowledgeable stances and your intellectual capacity to handle and deal with any counter arguments raised. You are surely a Domme who is gathering a large amount of respect from the submissive community and long may your well earned fame continue to rise” – paule

“it is a beautifully written article with amazing in-depth research. To be honest, Your voice, Your photo and even Your text message makes me tremble with fear, for I am nothing but a worm hoping that You  would squish me today!” – champion

“Goddess has quite the mind.  Such a streak of Evil in a Beautiful package. Wrapped with a leather bow.” – steve

“It sounds to me Like Akara forgot to take her meds after reading some of her comments. I now feel bad for this girl” – Brian

“Thank you very very much Princess for All the nice and evil stuff you do…” – Kt11

“I tried to, to stop but Mistress Akara is to addicting. I think I am just going to accept that I am weak and she is superior. ” – akara’s puppet

“You have beauty, intelligence, and the eye of an artist. It is very frightening when a sub who has been playing at this pursuit of slavedom to finally encounter that perfect being.  The one who makes it almost too real.” – steve

“It’s so nice to see a “Punk Girl” who is not only Beautiful but also intelligent.” – Steve

“You are boring” – Princess Fierce

“Since you’ve arrived on the scene, I’ve found that the fresh and innovative approach of your articles and comments have had an exciting and stimulating effect on this scene. In a couple of words.. You Rock!!” – paule

” You continue to prove without doubt why you are one of the most fascinating Dommes in the scene today.  There is no doubt in my mind that you will indeed be at the forefront of a Female revolution, which is both incredibly exciting and frankly terrifying” – Westle

“You are so Awesome Mistress Akara Fang; it is great to see You…Your Beauty and Words  of Wisdom are something I need replenished on a daily basis as You know.” – Billy

“We can all rejoice of the emergence of a new empire with Cleopatra coming back in the form of Mistress Akara Fang.  This empire will grow and swallow up all lowlife losers such as myself.” – Scarlett Brooks

“Your blackmail video is smashing” – Ms Evangeline Dubois

“I recently purchased Mistress Akara Fangs blackmail clip and it seems to be doing things to me that I didn’t think were possible.  Her eyes, her voice, her long flowing hair, her breasts, everything about her seems to be mesmerizing me, pulling me into her web of seduction. I’m not this way, I know that I shouldn’t be here. I’m an extremely successful professional with a wife and a family. Mistress Akara Fang seems to have a hold on me and I’m beginning to believe that I don’t want her to let go.  I know what it means.  I know what can happen.  She can ruin me and destroy my life.  I’m sooo confused as to why I’m here and why I want this. .. ” – Stephen

“It is an honor and a privilege to be owned by Miss Akara. i will give my every effort to work hard and please her. the last month has been the best days of my life.  She is beautiful, smart, powerful, and far superior than I. she has broken me down, i am weak and she has humiliated me. I will forever be owned by you” – k

“…really enjoyed one of Akara’s mindfuck clips recently. She clearly understands part of human psychology” – Richard

“I am impressed that you do not play around” – WR

“Your Beauty is what caught attention initially; then your words of wisdom along with Your clips converted me into an adamant admirer” – Billy

“When i was a slave for another Domme (a long time ago) I knew that my place was on the ground, near her feet. But your Higness realized me, that i don’t even deserve to be piece of sand on the bottom of Your Shoe – it’s still too much for me” – dirt

” I like your style and attitude toward the scene” – WR

“Goddess, please, show me ‘no’ mercy.  Annihilate me, devour me, abuse me – please – I beg. this clip just brings me to my knees.” – buttxhugger

“I’m glad you’re still writing” – SpoiledLawla

“miss akara is a really great domme. she takes time with her subs and genuinely enjoys what she does. i am happy to serve her, even though she makes me do embarrassing things, but i try not fight it as much” – kris

“The Medusa of financial domination with those eyes willing you to see everything from her point of view…” – akarasbitch

“Mistress, you’re one of the greatest Dommes I’ve ever come across. i’ve been in the scene for years, but there’s something about how Akara Fang takes charge of situations. Her intuitions, Her priorities, somehow they align exactly with what a sub expects. .. what blew me away about her is her fundamentally playful demeanor. This is a Domme who really enjoys what she does and really enjoys subs who do as well… – kj

“… She has brought meaning to my pathetic life and freed me in my servitude. I have become devoted to her and only her.” – Rob

“Miss Akara Fang has been taking the scene by storm”- WR

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