You can purchase a slave application for $20.

  If you have decided that you want to serve Me, this is a good way to introduce yourself.

  For a small and select group, I offer specialized and intensive training. My most loyal slaves are prioritized.

  I am unusual and loved as a Domme because although I am a top Domme that gets paid top dollar, I set aside one or two slots for poor subs for email and/ or YIM training.  ( See My article “Part of Why I’m Special” ).  If you would like to be considered for this, you should purchase a slave application.

Unlike some Dommes that use a form for their applications , I have found that format to be too limiting for both My questions and your answers.  Therefore, I simply list the questions below.  You are not technically purchasing “the application”, but purchasing My time to read and consider it.  To apply:

1) Directly tribute Me $20

2) Send Me an email to with the subject line “Slave Application”

3) In the email, answer each question below by numbering your responses.  Bare in mind that if you can’t be bothered to answer the questions fully I will be unlikely to accept your application.

You may also buy from the following sites:



1) Provide verification that you paid your application fee. For instance, if you paid $20 via paypal, state the email address that you paid with and the time and date of your payment. If you just tell Me “I paid you $20” I have no way of telling your tribute apart from someone else’s.

2) What is your name?

3) What is your age?

4) What is your email?

5) Are you into financial domination?

6) What are your fetishes? ( If you have more than a dozen, describe your top dozen fetishes. We can explore your lesser fetishes later if I accept you ). There may be things you fantasize about, but are not sure if you want to pursue yet. You can tell Me that. Do you have any hard limits?

7) What is your relationship ( Single / Married / Girlfriend )

8) What is your occupation and annual income?

9) Do you have Yahoo Messenger and / or Skype? What are your ID’s?

10) Have you ever served a Mistress solely before? If yes, briefly describe your relationship. If no and you have done sessions with a Mistress, briefly describe your sessions.

11) How often do you envision contact between us? How do you envision our relationship primarily taking place ( email / cam etc. )?

12 ) How long is your penis erect?

13 ) Include any other information about yourself or your wishes that you feel is important. If there are other ways besides income that you feel you may be of value to Me, you may include that here.

14) I encourage a picture, although that is not a requirement.

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