I am the legendary Mistress Akara Fang.

A humiliatrix and findomme without peer or precedent, I burst on the scene like a comet and have been leaving men broken, beaten, and lovelorn since my arrival.

I will leave your heart racing and your head spinning. I will leave you with sweat dripping down your face as you beg me to linger and take just a little bit more. You will fall in love with the way I make you feel… You will think of nothing else but me. I will be your daily routine.

Spend some time on My site to get to know my various aspects. Tribute me because I deserve it, contact me if you dare. (Read my rules for contact first under “Contact” )

Want to serve Me full time? I accept a limited number of full-time subs that I engage with on a daily basis. I take a number of considerations into account in selecting them.

I do sessions and cam when I am available – See my “contact” page for information.



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