Review of DR. AKARA FANG’S THERAPY by Scifi Writer

Arguably, this is the best “therapy” clip that has ever been made by a Domme.

I am a fan of the genre and the fetish. The Domme as therapist combines several qualities that pique the psyche of many subs such as myself – There is an inherent power exchange between the “patient” and a female authority figure. There is the popular fetish of a uniform (the white coat and glasses) that pushes the buttons of many a sub, particularly when the uniform symbolizes a role of authority. And while there are a number of roles that are popular for those reasons – the female police officer, the female prison guard – the therapist holds an even more unique position: As a professional that can legitimately coax embarrassing personal details from the sub, she is ideally suited for the role of an indirect humiliatrix.

Fetish clips often fall short of our ideal because – Let’s be honest – the Dommes that make the clips often lack the perfect combination of intelligence, creativity, and acting ability that our fantasy ideal would require. Not so with Miss Akara Fang, who has become world famous for her weekly articles which showcase her ferocious intellect and creativity. A clip such as this is the perfect vehicle for her unique talents as she dons the role of an articulate professional.

Equally striking is her acting ability. She does not come across as a Domme pretending to be a therapist, She APPEARS to be a professional until she suddenly and subtly smiles at your predicament, or offers a small laugh at your expense. Her ease at sliding between different expressions and personalities can be glimpsed by watching the free preview that she provides for the clip.

Ms Fang provides a clip description that captures the essence of the clip while highlighting her trademark creativity: “The Doctor will see you now. Be seated while we explore your inadequacy as a man, and discuss your sexual frustration. Don’t be alarmed – I’m a professional.” Her ability to remain in character – cool and detached – while discussing our inadequacy as a man only added to the feeling of humiliation that I got while watching the clip, and also made her subtle shifts to an amused expression more embarrassing.

Recognizing our lack of female companionship and need for sexual release, Dr Fang commands us to masturbate in her presence while she shows us her bra and panties. However, it is also clear to her that we lack sexual control and cannot be allowed to ejaculate immediately. Needless to say, it becomes clear by the end of the session that this is all part of a diabolical plan to entrap us in her power. She tells us sternly at the end of the clip that we require further sessions with her. We are hopeless to deny any request she makes at this point.

This is the first clip that Miss Akara Fang has made wearing glasses, and I believe that she looks unusually sexy in this persona. Her natural intelligence combined with her natural fit with a therapist’s outfit make this an ideal role for her. Fortunately, she tells us in the description that this is the first of a series.

As if all of the above were not incentive enough, the clip is a remarkable fifteen and a half minutes, sold at a cheaper price per minute than most other clips that are only half the quality. As Miss Akara Fang herself states in the description, this clip is sure to become “another instant classic”.

But aren’t they all?


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