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If you IM me, I may send you a  link to this page.  If you are unaware, top  Dommes like Myself have dozens of subs or “pretend subs” that IM us to waste our time and play games. As odd as it may sound, there are a small number of guys that get off on talking to a Domme to discuss a session that they don’t intend to have – They keep creating new screen names  to try to chat with a Domme for a few minutes.

 It is impossible for us to have even a short  conversation without a sign that you are serious. If you have been sent to this page by Me from an IM, you should send Me a tribute to show that you are genuine. The minimum tribute for a five minute introductory chat is $20. (This is only the MINIMUM, you are allowed and encouraged to send more, which many subs do).

You are allowed to IM Me to ask if I’m free for a session, and I will answer yes or no.

Do not contact Me by IM if you are not prepared to immediately tribute.  General inquiries can be done by email.  Do not expect Me to chat while you tell Me that you are loading your account or attempting payment.

Yahoo ID: AkaraFang

Skype ID: AkaraFang


Email inquiries about sessions are welcome, but overly long inquiries  require an accompanying tribute or will go unread.  Again, bear in mind that top Dommes like Myself get a lot of time-wasters, and we cannot read long emails from random guys without a sign that you are serious.



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For information on other areas such as Custom Videos, or buying My used items, roll over the “MORE” link at the top of the page.


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