Cam sessions

A lot of My followers have been waiting patiently for Me to be available more on cam and phone.  You’re in luck – I’ll be on niteflirt and / or Verified Call a lot more in the coming weeks.  Watch My twitter because I will tweet when I’m available.  A lot of times if I’m doing cam I will even tweet a pic of My outfit.

I had an hour long cam session the other night from someone that paid Me to remove My nail polish and proclaimed “You have such cute cuticles!” (For those unaware, cuticles are the layer of skin surrounding fingernails and toenails).

I also had an Arab guy last night who sent Me a tribute of $50 after our session, and then sent another three back-to-back tributes of $20. It turns out that he was having browser trouble and didn’t think his tributes were going through LMAO.  Works for Me!

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