Review by womenrule

The clip begins with a closeup of Miss Akara looking as ravishing as ever. And within the first minute of this 12 minute affair, She is calmly telling us that we are going to be sucking cock for Her. Now if you read Miss Akara’s columns here each week on the Dose, you know how serious and strict a humiliatrix She is. However She stands out from other Dommes because Her style is so different. While others may tell you this in a harsh and mean manner, Miss Akara has a sweet, melodius voice that is really sexy yet firm. Quite a contrast. She doesn’t “scare” you into doing anything. She just tells you what you will be doing as if there will be no discussion. What she wants, she gets! So as She says, whether she posts you on craigslist or just finds someone for you, the deed is going to get done because she says so!

“I’m going to turn you into a cocksucker you faggot” she sweetly coos and the words will make any humiliation junkie both scared but excited at the same time. She is not kidding and you will know it! “I bet that freaked you out didn’t it loser! Well that’s what I like to do. My whole job is to fuck with your mind. My whole goal is to fuck with your life She sternly tells us. Oh wow the verbal humiliation just keeps on coming! And then the knife appears with Her vaunted finger sign!

“Does that make you scared loser? Or does that make your dick hard”? She taunts us then as Her tone gets harsher. “I don’t give a FUCK WHAT YOU THINK LOSER, what you think is what I let you think! I control your brain like I control your fucking cock. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR RETARD???!!!! SAY OUTLOUD YES MISTRESS AKARA! YOU CONTROL MY BRAIN”. She orders us. And She stares at us with Her piercing eyes which sparkle as She knows all will comply!

The clip gets even better from here. She is going to have Her 20 year old virgin come to your house whose cock you will suck! Is She serious? Then comes the assignment. It is VERY humiliating but i am sure all losers will do it to please Her. “You want me to have this power and control over you. You want me to push you to your limits!”. Then comes the special treat! i won’t give it away but it is REALLY HOT! Yes you don’t want to miss this, especially if you are a lowly cuckold!

This is a really great clip and it is destined to reach the top of the Kinkbomb charts just like Part 1 did. The tease and denial part is also awesome! Miss Akara is a master at mixing the humiliation and tease together, and this makes Her clips special!  5 Stars don’t miss this one!


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