Review by footloser tim

Miss Akara Fang has a new clip entitled “Akara Fang’s Feet Slavery”. Watching it reminded me of a favorite quote from the movie “8 MM’.

“When you dance with the devil, the devil don’t change… the devil changes you.” ~ Max in “8MM”.

Having said that, Do NOT watch this clip! She will urge you to do so. DO NOT give in! Look, I get it. She is gorgeous and intelligent and so entirely twisted that She draws you in. But, right now, take your computer out to your driveway and smash it to bits with a hammer. After that, drive over the parts again and again! Much like owning a Ouija board, you do NOT want this portal to PURE evil anywhere inside your house! And trust me, if it’s there, you will be tempted to use it!

You don’t just watch Her “Feet Slavery” clip, you get transformed by it! And do you really want that? As it is now, you are probably still able to function on some level of normalcy. You probably have a job. Maybe you occasionally go out with your friends. All that is about to change if you watch this. Don’t! Keep what little you have and move on! There are plenty of other clips that aren’t nearly as addicting that you can watch again and again and they will have little effect on you. This is NOT one of those clips!

Shot from where we belong, under Her Soles, the entire video consists of Her berating and mocking our freaky little fetish. Very early on, She explains to us our new life as Her foot slave. “You are going to spend the rest of your life on the ground. Chained like a fucking animal with your eyes forbidden from being raised.”

I have seen plenty of foot videos. This is not like those. In Her video, She invades and overloads our brains – both the big one, but mainly the small one – with images of those Perfect Soles combined with Her amazing, authoritative voice. No longer will we be permitted to raise our eyes above Her ankle. And as much as we dream of some day touching Her feet, looking at the lowest part of Her body is all our lives will consist of from now on.

Towards the end of this video She explains that our lives will become ones of “silence, longing and desperation. That’s all you get now, loser.” The worst part of the video is it touches on a truth that we have been aware of all our lives. We have yearned for a young, intelligent Dominant Woman to control us with nothing more than Her Feet. And now this scenario has become my reality because I was stupid enough to watch this video. But, again, this does NOT have to become your reality! I no longer feel any resemblance to a human being. Instead, I am whatever Miss Akara says I am. In this case, I am her foot slave for life.


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