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Mistress Akara Fang provides us with a short clip description that captures as well as I could the reason that this is such a wonderful clip: ” Feet fetishists love my beautiful and delicate feet. Subs love my creative verbal abuse. Viewers of this clip get an intoxicating attack of both.”

“Intoxicating” is certainly the right word. The clip consists of Mistress Akara lying on the bed, clothed in sinfully sexy red lingerie, teasing the viewer with her luscious feet. Unlike some feet clips that go back and forth between different shots that exclude or minimize the feet, this entire clip features her gorgeous feet prominently thrust towards the camera. The angles alternate with some showing only close-ups of her feet, while others show her entire body – But the shots that feature her body still have her feet towards the camera in pov style , as if you are kneeling in front of her bed with her feet directly before you.

While Mistress Akara teases you with her feet, she verbally berates you for being such a weirdo that is turned on by feet. She commands you to masturbate but forbids you from cumming until she gives you permission. She teases you with her perfect toes: “Stare at my pretty toes and say out loud ‘Mistress Akara, I’m a stupid pathetic foot freak!’ ”

Mistress Akara dangles her perfect feet before you and continues to humiliate you: “You know what I like about you little foot freaks? Your fetish is SO fitting.. it’s as if your subconscious mind is telling you where you belong, which is beneath me… Beneath me like a bug… beneath me like a little insect… beneath me like an insignificant little ant that I CAN STEP ON AND RUB AGAINST THE SIDEWALK..”

The clip ends with an extended jerk-off countdown that features a close up of her feet.

Mistress Akara has quickly become one of the hottest clip makers in the scene. Her feet addicts have been patiently waiting – or impatiently waiting – for her first general feet clip (She also has a custom feet clip in her clip stores). This is sure to be another top seller for Mistress Akara.


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