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This is one of the best clips that I’ve ever watched. I’ve watched hundreds and I know what I speak of – Every aspect of the clip is brilliant.

The meat and potatoes of the clip: A 16 minute impromptu conversation that Miss Akara has with Kevin, an unlucky soul that watched her blackmail clip, WHY YOU ARE GOING TO LET ME BLACKMAIL YOU. Kevin was drunk and after watching the clip several times, he had a moment of weakness where he filled out the blackmail form and sent it to Miss Akara. You can see their original YIM chat on her website. There is an added irony to Kevin’s plight that isn’t made plain in the clip. In an article on her subs, Miss Akara mentions Kevin and observes : “What I find hilarious is that close to 100% of people who fill out bm forms from a clip from a domme they haven’t spoken to yet will give false information. I wouldn’t have known he gave all his real info if he hadn’t contacted me all terrified. First he fucked up by getting drunk and giving all his info, THEN he fucked up by telling me immediately about it”.

As Miss Akara states in her clip description “You hear his voice the same as mine, but the visual part of the clip is done POV style as if YOU were watching me on cam.”

That is ONE of the brilliant things about the clip: You get the thrill of an interactive session where Miss Akara humiliates and toys with a sub, but unlike other clips that do partial shots of the sub, you get to watch Miss Akara in pov style the same way her sub experiences it – YOU watch Miss Akara directly on screen as if she were doing the session with you – You experience how intoxicating an experience it must be to do a live session with Miss Akara.

What really separates this clip from the pack is the sheer level of enjoyment that Miss Akara displays from toying so mercilessly with Kevin. Miss Akara gained a lot of her popularity from the knowledge of her sheer love in the art of humiliation, and that is nowhere conveyed better than in this clip. For 16 minutes, Miss Akara laughs and giggles at the sheer desperation of her sub as Kevin cries, physically trembles and pleads with Miss Akara not to destroy him. There are some things that simply cannot be faked, and anyone watching the clip can’t’ help but notice her sheer delight in her power and tormenting taunts – her excitement is as real as it is infectious.

It is notable that Miss Akara is less visibly mean in her tone than she is in many sessions – The call was an impromptu call with Keven and she only yells once or twice throughout the call – She is more amused than anything at the predicament that Kevin got himself into – her pending control is at this point a fait accompli, and she simply laughs and brushes aside his repeated requests for mercy.

We are treated to Miss Akara giving her slave several humiliating assignments that he must follow, in addition to being given an initial payment schedule of $100 a week. She playfully but forcefully tells Kevin that he will be made to divorce his wife at some point in the future.

As if all of this weren’t enough, we are treated to five minutes of Miss Akara’s trademark creativity in her introduction and closing statement. She places the conversation in the context of her increasing empire founded on the back of her subs: ” 20 years from now, when historians look back and write about the dawn of the age of Akara Fang’s empire, the fact that you’re watching this clip means that you were here at the beginning. You were a part of my movement from day one you lucky motherfucker.”

One of my favorite parts of the whole clip: After explaining to us the scenario surrounding the conversation, she leans in conspiratorially to the the viewer and playfully asks us “Do you want to watch me have fun with Kevin?” Of course she knows that the answer is yes.

Attitude and beauty are two aspects that make a good domme. Miss Akara’s creativity and genuine love for what she does are two extra ingredients that raise her from good to great.

There is a fifth element – It remains true that making videos is like other crafts – It takes a certain period to master the craft, even in the more prosaic type of video where a domme is talking into a camera. I can attest to this personally – As a science fiction writer, I have friends in hollywood and have been around actors – simply doing a monologue into a camera takes a lot of skill to master the timing and cadence. This is true of almost all the top dommes – looking at their earliest videos one is inevitably struck by the fact that they are not quite as up to par as the latest offerings. Those who have followed Miss Akara from the beginning have seen her become ever more skilled in her clips, and I believe that this is her first clip which is out-of-the-ballpark perfect in every regard – her inflections, her dialogue, her style. But I am really only talking about the 5 minutes of the clip where she is speaking directly to the viewer – perhaps the most impressive part of the clip is her impromptu call with Kevin, and here we see how skilled she is in her live cam sessions – How she draws the sub into her eyes even while talking “conversationally” . I believe that this clip will go down as a classic in the genre.

The most exciting thing about the clip is that she gives us close to 21 minutes for the unbelievably low price of $11.99 – about half the standard rate per minute. I believe that Miss Akara WANTS people to buy this clip as an introduction to her, but also because she just loves the clip and wants to share it. The clip is is available in crystal clear hi def 1080p, and also two other versions for those with slower download times. Because of the length of the clip, many buyers chose to purchase the lower definitions of the clip which resulted in an unusual situation – the top 3 “hot clips” in kinkbomb’s studio are ALL THREE versions of Miss Akara’s clip.

For those of us who delight in watching a domme cruelly ruin a sub’s life- deconstructing his existence in slow motion – this clip is as good as it gets. Another notable difference between this and most blackmail clips is that whereas most begin and end with money, Miss Akara seems to delight in her control and the power to make the slave do humiliating and painful tasks -She only mentions the weekly payment towards the end, her main thrill is the power and humiliation itself.

I am looking forward to Miss Akara’s next clips.



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