2013 Rewind


I have been very busy as of late and haven’t had the time to post a new blog. I figured it was time to post a new blog as I am sure everyone has been dying to see a new blog on here.

Here are some re-caps from 2013 in no particular order, most of which I’ve made post about:

As 2013 started I was very eager to work on my comic book project and my new dommes with guns site. I made a comic book twitter, you tube, etc. but I got so busy with my current slaves that I didn’t take the projects any further. I was still pretty new in 2013 and hadn’t made many friends yet in the scene but I knew that would change with time. I became really close friends with Princess Chloe and we would spend hours chit-chatting about random shit that made us giggle.  I went to Vegas a couple of times to visit family and friends. Honestly I spent a lot of time in 2013 being lazy and I decided that 2014 will be different and it has been. I am proud to be working harder and taking my reign even further.

This trip to Vegas I graced you losers with some pictures this time: View the post here

At club Piranha in Las Vegas!

There was an attack video released about me which is still hilarious, I am not a fan of drama or the like but I thought people needed to see this video. Unfortunately the video has been removed and I didn’t save it but I kind of wish I would have so you could watch it but here is my post on it: View the post here

Slave Bob(my sub who let me control his ENTIRE life) couldn’t handle it anymore, living without ANY free will finally took its toll on him : View the post here

I had two noteworthy anniversaries, the first with my sub Akara’s Pathetic Loser and my 4 year with my very lucky boyfriend on September 22nd: View the post here

The awesome Goddess Jennifer made me this kick ass website!

I made a post with a list of some awesome and hilarious quotes about me on Domme Dose from other writers, subs, dommes, WR(DD owner), friends, and enemies/trolls: View the post here

I took a very long break from shooting clips but I started busting my ass to get some new content out and I hit my best month ever on Kinkbomb and also hit stellar studio, now go contribute and buy some clips: Visit my KB studio

2013 was amazing and I have enjoyed my first two years as a domme and I have a lot planned for 2014. Keep a lookout for a new blog post coming soon!

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Cam sessions

A lot of My followers have been waiting patiently for Me to be available more on cam and phone.  You’re in luck – I’ll be on niteflirt and / or Verified Call a lot more in the coming weeks.  Watch My twitter because I will tweet when I’m available.  A lot of times if I’m doing cam I will even tweet a pic of My outfit.

I had an hour long cam session the other night from someone that paid Me to remove My nail polish and proclaimed “You have such cute cuticles!” (For those unaware, cuticles are the layer of skin surrounding fingernails and toenails).

I also had an Arab guy last night who sent Me a tribute of $50 after our session, and then sent another three back-to-back tributes of $20. It turns out that he was having browser trouble and didn’t think his tributes were going through LMAO.  Works for Me!

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Akara Fang’s Special Auction


Back by popular demand!

I’m holding another special auction for My footwear.  These are very well-worn shoes that I wear around the house a lot because they are comfortable.

I don’t hold auctions through ebanned – Email your bid and contact info directly to mistressakarafang@hotmail.com .  The auction ends Sunday July 7th at Midnight pst.  To keep it simple I pay for the shipping.  Accepted payment methods are paypal or greendot.

The winner will receive several pics of Me with the shoes.  If you wish to request a video of Me in the shoes, I will give a discounted price for the video.



UPDATE:  The first bid was for $50 and was made by one of My subs that ISN’T EVEN a foot fetishist, but just wants to bid on something of mine!

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I got this hilarious email on CollarMe today:

Greetings Goddess my humble respect and devotion to you.I dont feel worthy to look at your profile or to send you this message you are so superior and im so low just a pathetic inferior creature on this earth to be a doormat under your boots.Im a pure masochist and i have an offer that will probably sound wierd but please take time to think about it.Im not rich but i have alot of saving for this.Im ready to give you my entire bank account that have about 38k if you destroy my eyes with your heels.You wont need to travel of course,i will.

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I got an email from someone bidding on My panties auction.  The bid was $40.01.  Apparently, the guy was treating it like a secret auction, thinking someone may have bid $40 and he would bid one cent extra. A couple things that are funny:  1) I already received a high bid for $50 and that’s been on My twitter since yesterday.  2)   The auction doesn’t end til May 7th and I DO publicly state the bids, so why try to outbid someone by one cent this early?

While funny, this did make Me realize something serious.  The way I wrote the ad DOES imply that if someone sends Me a bid 5 minutes before bidding ends on the last day that they win.  Consider this an updated addendum to the rules that I reserve the right to contact the previous high bidder for final day bids.  In fact, someone trying to do something twisted like outbid someone by one cent the last minute would just piss me off and I would give them to the previous bidder.

Remember there is still time for you to  bid on this SPECIAL pair of panties – See post below

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I’m auctioning off a pair of My panties that I wore in one of My famous cover pics – The green ones that I use in My banner on My Domme Dose advertisement.


I will (obviously) wear without washing before selling, unless you don’t want that. These are not being sold through ebanned. Just email your bid and contact info directly to mistressakarafang@hotmail.com The auction will end May 07 at Midnight pacific time. I’ll contact the highest bidder.

Have some other special request with the panties? A short note? Some weird something-or-other? Include it in the email and if it’s not ridiculous I’ll consider it.

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Funny Tweet

Funny tweet by Mistress B for my birthday:
Mistress B@TheMistressB 19 Apr

@MissAkaraFang Happy birthday A.K. Fang!

If you don’t get it – She’s referring to my love of guns.

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